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Illadelph Short Beaker(Black)

$520.00 USD

Illadelph Short Beaker

Illadelph makes the most premium American beakers and straight tubes in existence. These water pipes are flawlessly constructed from the highest-quality American glass, and the attention to detail shows in every weld and seal, and in particular, in the super thick and sturdy bases, and in the the matching labels on all the pieces and accessories.

This amazing Illadelph beaker stands at the perfect height at 17" tall. It has a black label and seal, and comes with a downstem and a matching push slide.

  • 17" in height.
  • 5mm wall thickness.
  • Clear 18/14mm downstem with matching label.
  • 14mm push with matching label.
  • Black label and seal.
  • Black Illadelph keck clip.