Andy G - UV Wig Wag Banger Hanger


UV Wig Wag Banger Hanger

Andy G.

This particular Andy G is ridiculous. Every millimeter has been worked. Andy took 32(!) fade to clear UV sections and flawlessly assembled them into this incredible banger hanger, decorated with giant horns and Illuminati accents, and on the back is a massive opal encasement with that same UV linework on top. The piece has a 14mm 90 degree joint (worked) with matching slide (with Illuminati horn). To make this rig even sweeter, it has a matching pendant that is available separately!

  • ~9" in height
  • 14mm joint at 90º angle.
  • 32 UV-reactive fade-to-clear sections.
  • 20mm opal encasement with UV wig wags on top.
  • UV Illuminati accents.
  • 2 giant horns with UV.
  • Includes matching slide.