Darby x Domer - Double Cactus Recycler


Darby x Domer - Double Cactus Recycler

Darby and Domer both brought their A-game on this collaboration: an incredible double Domer recycler, completely decked out in Darby's signature dichro cactus work!

The Domer Double Recycler is a phenomenal functional design. The four-hole (on top) diffuser provides the perfect amount of diffusion to feed the dual recycling chambers (each with its own uptake and drain). This double recycler will have extremely fast action with very little back pressure. Combine that incredible functionality with the astounding amount of Darby's dichro cactus sections, and the result is an incredible rig for the choosiest of collectors.

  • 8 3/8" in height.
  • 10mm female joint at 90º angle.
  • Dual recycling chambers.
  • 5 sculpted dichro linework cacti attachments.
  • Giant dichro linework cactus neck and mouthpiece.
  • Northstar striking glass transparent sections for the can and drains.
  • Includes matching dichro cactus bubble carb cap.
  • Includes matching dichro cactus tamp pendant.

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