Dynamic Glass Exosphere (Fire)


This amazing, fiery exosphere from Dynamic has got it going on! The diffuser sends your smoke through three sets of six gridded holes on the side of the worked puck, and bubbles will rise and chop up through the faberge can with its eight swiss exclusions. The joint, lip, and foot all have Lemondrop wraps, the interior of the can has been accented with that fire linework, and to cap it off, there is an amazing murrina of King of the Hill accented the can. Wow!

  • 7.25" in height.
  • 14mm female joint at 90º angle.
  • Exosphere with 8 exclusions.
  • Three sets of six holes on the diffuser.
  • King of the Hill murrina encasement.
  • Lip wraps and foot wraps.
  • Worked hand formed reinforced joint.
  • Super thick and stable flared foot.
  • Fade-to-clear line work on the neck.

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