Etai Rahmil #1 Recycler (Pomegranate)


Etai Rahmil makes some of the most amazing abstract sculptural pipes out there. The Shredder series is his latest, and is the perfect blend of abstraction and sculpture. This pipes are not just artwork, they are highly functional as well. Each Shredder is unique in color combination, form, and expression.

This recycler is the first of it's kind from Etai and absolutely amazing. The body is almost entirely Pomegranate, with horns of Star White and some special warm-colored spiral sections that were custom-pulled by Etai. 

Your banger sits in the gorgeous worked joint, and smoke is diffused into the large, wide can by the incredible puck diffuser with five blown-out holes to direct bubbles upwards. The dual uptakes pull the bubbling water through spirals into the drain (which matches the joint), water drains through the external return, and smoke exits through the balanced neck. The entire pipe is reinforced by the dual solid arcs of Pomegranate (which creates a circular appearance) and accented by horns made from Star White.

This pipe even includes a matching bubble cap!

  • #1 of its kind recycler by artist Etai Rahmil.
  • Fully-worked recycler, mostly from Pomegranate.
  • Custom-pulled spiral sections.
  • 7.75" tall.
  • 10mm 90º male joint, hand-formed in that spiral color pull.
  • Matching bubble cap in that spiral color pull.
  • Three Star White horns.
  • Ships in its own Pelican 1400 case.

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