James Caribou Louis Vuitton Supreme Mini Tube (#4)


LV / Supreme in the most amazing form: the mini tube.

James Caribou

Louis Vuitton Supreme Mini Tube

#4 in the LV/Supreme Series

James Caribou is an amazing glass artist with great skill, vision, and thought behind his work. This incredible red Louis Vuitton Supreme mini tube is number 4 in the LV/Supreme series. The entire piece has been covered in LV print, and a Supreme logo in the center. This is the result of hand-carving layered glass with experty precision. This carved glass was then flame-polished to give a smooth, glossy finish to the surface.

This mini tube is about 7.5" in height, and perfectly proportional. The removable downstem is curved and has a 10mm joint at a 45° angle. This downstem has two polished, saw-cut slits, so it will definitely shred. James actually carved his signature and the number (#4) into the base.

  • James Caribou - Designer Series.
  • #4 in the Louis Vuitton / Supreme series.
  • Absolutely incredible carved and flame-polished glass.
  • 7.5" in height.
  • 10mm joint at 45° angle.
  • Removable, curved downstem with 2 slits.
  • James' signature has been carved into the base, along with the #5.
  • Includes fitted Pelican case, signed and numbered by the artist.

Read our interview with James Caribou here!

@james.caribou is on Instagram.

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