Jsyn Lord Rig (Amber)


Jsyn Lord truly has one of the most unique styles in the pipe world. His forms have an almost mechanical appearance, and the many details, reminescent of heavy machinery, create such an interesting and appealing pipe that is simply different from anything else out there.

This solo Lord is just something else. Whenever you see a Lord piece, it is immediately obvious who made it. This man's style is that unique. The amber body is warm, yet inorganic, and the Pink Lollipop accents add the perfect amount of color to the pipe.

  • Jysn Lord solo piece.
  • Full color; not a bit of clear.
  • Tons of sculpted accents in Pink Lollipop.
  • 14mm male joint.
  • Matching Pink Lollipop dome included.
  • Lord traffic cone included.
  • Ships for FREE in hard case.


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