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Jsyn Lord x Dosh World - Pocket Rocket

$3,200.00 USD

Jsyn Lord truly has one of the most unique styles in the pipe world, and this collaboration with Dosh World is incredibly special. Such an incredible range of techniques and colors are present in this amazing one-of-a-kind Pocket Rocket.

Jsyn Lord x Dosh World

Collaboration Pocket Rocket

This incredible concentrate rig is a collaboration piece between Jsyn LordDosh World. Jsyn Lord truly has one of the most unique styles seen currently in the world of pipe art. His forms have an almost mechanical appearance to them, and the many details, reminiscent of heavy machinery, create an interesting and visually-appealing pipe that is quite unlike anything else out there. Dosh World's cut and flip technique is second to none: it is clear from his work that he has a mastery of controlling colored boro in the flame. Combine those two amazing skills, and the result is a piece of art unlike any other.

Lord's assembly is out of this world: so clean, so proportional... just plain perfect. Then, you need to factor in the many incredibly detailed attachments present here. There is an incredible range of colors present in this visually-intense tubing. That green and yellow pops so phenomenally against the Pink Lollipop (especially in that encalmo on the phenomenal mouthpiece). A large, round, swirling implosion protrudes from the back, full of the same colors present in the tubing of the main body. There is actually a small bubble window that was worked into the main can, so you can see into the pipe in that one spot. On the opposing side, we find a large magnifier. To top it all off, an amazing fumed diamond on the end of a mechanical-looking black arm sets off the transition between joint and mouthpiece.

This is an art gallery level pipe - an exquisite example of contemporary pipe making at its finest.

  • Jysn Lord & Dosh World collaboration Pocket Rocket.
  • Cut-and-flip work by Dosh World.
  • Immaculate assembly and details by Jsyn Lord.
  • 10mm female joint at 90 degrees.
  • Includes matching 10mm flower slide.
  • Includes Pink Lollipop Lord traffic cone.
  • Ships for FREE in hard case.