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Ryan Fitt x Gabe Halliday x Jared Courtland - Collaboration Kuzel

$5,000.00 USD

This incredible Kuzel collaboration was brought to us by Ryan Fitt, Gabe Halliday, and Jared Courtland, and it will stun you from every angle! The heavily worked cone, encased in the center, features a many-layered, cold-worked scene of Goku with writing in Kanji. This interior cone actually becomes the diffuser at the bottom of the can, and the evenly-diffuser bubbles will travel up the space in between the walls.

This one-of-a-kind Kuzel is worked to the teeth, and is quite the piece for the collector. Don't sleep on this beauty!

  • 7" in height.
  • 14mm female joint at 90º angle.
  • 12.8oz in weight.