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Mav Glass Large Hourglass Recycler (Green)

$380.00 USD

Mav Glass Large Hourglass Recycler

Mav Glass is an organization of glassblowers committed to the art of scientific glass. Established in mid 2000’s, Mav Glass has made its name inside the glass business. Every Mav Glass piece is made out in Los Angeles, California. Their items include water pipes to dab rigs to ash catchers Their pieces regularly take a bend on the conventional fat can style, and for the most part utilize an assortment of exemplary percolators. Cloud 9 is happy to be apart of the Mav Team and being able to provide our customers with their great work.

The Mav Glass Hourglass Recycler is one of the most perfect recycler designs out there! This pipe has a large showerhead diffuser, breaking smoke up into many tiny bubbles. As the bottom can gets taller, it becomes more narrow, forcing the bubbles up into the external arm and into the opposing recycling chamber up top. From there, water drains down the Klein drain and smoke exits through the perfect mouthpiece.
  • 14mm female joint.
  • About 10" tall.
  • Showerhead diffuser.
  • Klein drain.
  • Hourglass body.
  • Green accents.