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Medicali 8-Arm Tree Straight Tube(Pink Cadillac w/ Black Decals)

$380.00 USD

Medicali is a high-end scientific glass company out of SoCal’s Gardena, California that pushes the boundaries regarding the performance & integrity of medical grade functional glass. As experts of their craft they produce a vast selection of water pipes & rigs matched perfectly with their dry herb & concentrate accessories. Medicali excels at creating functional glass pieces with convenient sizes while maintaining powerful percs and unrivaled smooth hits. These elegant pieces are set at unbelievable prices allowing people of all budgets to experience these one of a kind pipes without breaking the bank. Unlike other companies Medicali’s premium water pipes and oil rigs are made entirely in the United States from supremely strong German engineered Schott Duran medical grade glass.

This Medicali has a lot of great things going for it. It has a classic removable downstem with four slits. Less perc allows the bottom smoke chamber to fill up with more smoke. The removable downstem also allows cleaning this piece to be a lot easier than most piece filled with intricate percs. Straight from the downstem the smoke hits an 8-arm Tree perc Medicali has defined as their 8TREE. This perc diffuses water through 8 different shredding water into thousands of micro bubbles. With so much diffusion it's necessary for Medicali to place their unique splash guard right on top of the 8TREE. This prevents water from moving up the neck & into your mouth, which can be quite unpleasant. Finally, Medicali places an ice catcher at the very top for icy cold rips. This piece is extremely function & smooth, smooth, smooth... Designed for dry herbs, this piece would make an excellent daily driver. Come pick one up from Cloud 9 where our customers come first. 

  • 18mm joint
  • 14mm to 18mm slitted removable downstem
  • Pinch slide included
  • 8TREE percolator
  • Ice catcher & splash guard
  • Worked foot, percolators & mouthpiece in TAG Pink Cadillac
  • Matching black decals