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Heisenburg Vape Juice

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Heisenburg Vape Juice Flavors

  • Black Ice
  • Blue Ice- Blue Ice eJuice by Heisenburg have you zipping through your day with this dangerously bold berry blend. The blueberry, pomegranate and grape flavors will have you on the edge of your seat and yearning for more. This one is seriously addicting!Crystal Ice
  • Crystal Ice- Crystal Ice eJuice by Heisenberg is flavor in its purest form. Its crystal mint taste is amazing on its own or mix it with your favorite flavor to create your very own unique addictive blend.
  • Rainbow Ice- A fruit fiesta in a bottle! Rainbow Ice by Heisenberg boasts the flavors of strawberry, pear, kiwi, pineapple, cantaloupe, guava, orange, watermelon, peach, cotton candy, mint and cream.  No matter what you are craving this eJuice has it. It will satisfy even the pickiest of customers with its big bold flavor blend.
  • Rosay Ice- If you like your reds then you will love Rozay eJuice by Heisenberg. It is bursting with the flavors of strawberry, cherry and raspberry. Sweet, juicy and satisfying Rozay will be your new addiction guaranteed.
  • Scarlett Ice- Mysterious, bold and packing a punch, Scarlet eJuice by Heisenberg will spark excitement in your day. The flavors of grape, watermelon and mint are masterfully combined for one of the most pleasurable experiences out there.