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Unicornicopia Vape Juice

$19.99 USD

Unicornicopia Vape Juice Flavors

  • Cinnafaun- This inspired flavor will whisk you away to a magical world full of cinnamon bun mountains with rivers of icing. Cinnafaun eJuice by Unicornicopia blends the flavors of cinnamon, cream and sweet cream to give you the warm out of the over flavor of fresh cinnamon rolls.
  • Cosmic Citrus
  • Friter French
  • Majestic Melon- Retreat inside your mind to your place of inner peace with Majestic Melon eJuice by Unicornicopia. Bountiful flavors of watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe converge into a sweet and bold melon delight. Let the sweet juices flow and take you away to a place of calm and relaxation.
  • Pegasauce- In a fun mystical world Pegasauce eJuice by Unicornicopia was created with the flavors of fresh strawberry, sweet cream and cream. So take a break and go for a magical adventure with this berry blend.
  • Regal Reserve- Magnificent and awe inspiring Regal Reserve eJuice by Unicornicopia is fit for a King or Queen. Sweet and satisfying banana, caramel, captain crunch cereal, cinnamon and cream is a royal masterpiece of crafted flavor.