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Toro Macro XL (Amber Purple)

$370.00 USD

Toro Macro XL

Toro makes some of the most premium scientific glass in existence. With a great number of absolutely fantastic designs for diffusion, immaculate construction, and just the right amount of color, we are positive that you will absolutely love the function of a Toro water pipe. Cloud 9 is one of only a handful of authorized retailers for Toro Glass, so you can buy with confidence!

Toro Macs are the most standard of all Toro rigs. Fantastically sturdy, this tiny rig has been designed for optimum flavor with minimal diffusion. 

  • 14mm female joint.
  • Macro diffuser.
  • Amber Purple downstem.
  • Amber Purple lip wrap.
  • Amber Purple foot wrap.