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 Cloud 9 Smoke Co. carries some the highest quality dab rigs available in many different styles, designs, and functions to choose from. Our wide variety of styles include Banger Hangers, Recyclers, Fabs, Dual Discs & more. featuring top brands.   Dab rigs are a specific type of water pipe made for concentrates and oils. Integrating a two-step process, dab rigs utilize a torch heat-up system with a banger or nail attachment to effectively vaporize your concentrates. Similar to water pipes, dab rigs feature multiple different type of percolators such as UFO, disc, tree, and many more giving you maximum filtration as well as bringing out the fantastic taste of your oils or concentrates. Our vast selection features many different combinations of styles and percs as well as unique designs. Additionally, our collection features self-heating electronic dab rigs that don't require a torch for a more efficient way to smoke your concentrates.