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The perfect dab sesh comes from having the best dabbing accessories on deck! At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we don’t want you to experience any wasted money or concentrates. That’s why we’ve curated the best dab accessories on the market. We scour the world looking for the best dabbing essentials you’ll need for setting up the ultimate dab rig. From quartz bangers, to carb caps, to torches, all the way to dab mats, concentrate storage, dab tools, and cleaning supplies -- Cloud 9 Smoke Co has all the accessories you need so you won’t have to look elsewhere. Shop with confidence, as each product comes from our U.S. warehouse and discreetly delivered straight to your door. If you need guidance in finding the perfect dabbing accessories, just click the LiveChat below and hook up with our in-house dabbing experts! 


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What’s a Quartz Banger?

Bangers are to dab rigs as slides are to water pipes! Just think of bangers as the slide to your dab rig. A quartz banger is where you’ll load your concentrates that you’ll consume with your dab rig. Quartz bangers are a popular choice in the smoking community, and you definitely need a quartz banger as part of your dabbing setup! 

Why Should I Use a Quartz Banger?

Concentrates need to be heated at high temperatures to vaporize and activate its beneficial properties. It’s dangerous to heat any glass with a torch since glass is known to shatter when too much heat is introduced at such a fast rate. That’s when quartz bangers come into play!
Quartz bangers have the ability to withstand high temperatures and rapid temperature changes without shattering or breaking. Additionally, quartz bangers do an excellent job at preserving your concentrate’s terpenes, so each dab will be delicious in taste. Believe us, you’ll be drooling over the next dab after using a quartz banger! 

How Do I Use a Quartz Banger?

An essential thing to remember, always heat your quartz banger with a torch before introducing your concentrate to the banger! By heating the banger with a torch, your banger will retain the optimal temperature to vaporize your concentrate. Here’s how you use a quartz banger! 
Take your torch and heat the bottom of your quartz banger evenly. 
After your banger has been heated for 60 seconds - 2 minutes, remove the flame from your banger.
Let your quartz banger cool for 30 - 60 seconds. This will prevent your concentrate from burning and becoming too harsh on the throat! 
As your banger is cooling, take your dab tool and grab some concentrate
When it’s time to load your banger with concentrate, take your dab tool and insert your concentrate into the banger. Swirl your concentrate in a clockwise direction as you begin to suck (not inhale, we’re not there just yet!).
If you’re ready to inhale, take a carb cap to seal off your banger. Inhale as you maneuver the carb cap in a circular motion! 

What Types of Quartz Bangers Can I Choose From?

Flat Top Quartz Banger - This type of quartz banger features a flat top that allows you to use any style of carb cap without worry of it sliding off! Flat top quartz bangers are the most common style of banger due to its versatility and even heating.
Terp Slurper Quartz Banger - This unique type of quartz banger features a separate bucket at the bottom of the banger for you to load your concentrates into. What makes terp slurper quartz bangers a popular choice in the smoking community is its ability for you to completely use your concentrate, even for the largest doses! Additionally, terp slupers contain slits in the bottom of its dish to prevent your concentrate from burning.
Core Reactor Quartz Banger -  Made for super-sized dabs, core reactor bangers contain a cylinder in the middle of the buck to retain heat for a long dabbing experience! 
Thermal Quartz Banger - Thermal quartz bangers are popular in the dabbing community due to their ability to maintain an even heat on your concentrate while preserving the flavor of your concentrate in the process. They’re also considered to be the best way to get a low-temperature dab! 
Thermo Quartz Banger - Thermo bangers allow for optimal temperature control and convection for your concentrate. What makes thermo bangers so popular is their ability to show you when the temperature of your banger is ready for a dab with their color-changing sand
Gavel Quartz Banger - Gavel quartz bangers feature an opaque bottom made from unrefined quartz that allows the banger to heat up at a faster rate. With its ability to heat up faster than other quartz bangers, gavel bangers allow you to begin dabbing as soon as possible! 

Female vs Male Quartz Bangers - What’s the Difference?

Choosing the right style of banger and size of your banger is essential to picking the perfect banger for your dab rig! It definitely sounds a bit confusing at first, but once you learn the method behind their names, it’ll soon be a breeze for you to remember.
Female Quartz Bangers - Female quartz bangers will fit on top of male jointed dab rigs. Female quartz bangers have a wider joint so the banger can snugly fit on top of the male joint on your dab rig! 
Male Quartz Bangers - Male quartz banger fit inside female jointed dab rigs. Male quartz bangers have a narrow, tapered joint so the banger can fit securely into the female joint on your dab rig! 
The standard joint sizes of a dab rig’s joint are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Here’s how to help you decipher between the sizes, so you know which quartz banger size to choose for your dab rig! 
Using your pinky, ring, and middle finger, place each finger into your dab rig’s joint.
If your pinky finger fits snugly into the joint, your dab rig’s joint size is 10mm.
If your ring finger fits securely into the joint, your dab rig’s joint size is 14mm.
If your middle finger fits snugly into the joint, your dab rig’s joint size is 18mm.
You dab rig’s joint angles also vary! Don’t worry, there’s only two types of degrees that you’ll need to know. The two standard joint angles are 90-degrees and 45-degrees. Always remember to pair the right banger angle with the angle of your dab rig. Never mix and match! 

How Do I Clean a Quartz Banger?

If you let your banger collect resin, the quality of your dabs will definitely lack. Keeping your quartz banger clean will preserve the quality and flavor of your dabbing experience. Cloud 9 Smoke Co suggests using Glob Mops and Resinate Blue to clean your quartz banger after every sesh! 

Buy the Best Quartz Bangers Online at Cloud 9 Smoke Co! 

If you’re looking for the best dabbing experience possible, look no further! Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the best selection of quartz bangers here for you to buy online. With free shipping and discrete packaging, you can’t go wrong by choosing Cloud 9 Smoke Co as your one-stop smoke shop! 

Why Do I Need a Torch for Dabbing?

To put it simply, a lighter cannot heat a banger to the right temperature to vaporize your concentrate. Plus, holding a lighter for a long time is incredibly uncomfortable. No one wants that! A butane torch is used to effectively, and efficiently, heat your banger to the right temperature to vaporize your concentrates. 

How Do I Use a Torch?

Though their exterior may seem intimidating, butane torches are extremely easy to use! Here’s what you do.
Switch the safety latch on the torch to the “OFF” side
Press down on the trigger of the torch
Adjust the size of the flame to fit your preferences. It’s all about choosing cool or hot dabs!
Heat the bottom of your banger for 60 seconds - 2 minutes.
Remove the flame from the banger and relock the safety latch.
You’re golden!

How Do I Refill a Dab Torch?

To make dab rig torches all the better, they’re completely resume and easy to refill! Here’s how to refill a butane torch.
Buy a butane canister! Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the best selection of purified butane canisters for you to choose from so you can dab with safety in mind.
Flip your torch upside down.
Fit the nozzle of the canister into the small hole at the bottom of your torch and press firmly.
Now you’re golden - again! What a rockstar! 

Best Torches For Sale Online

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect butane torch for dabbing, the hunt is now over! Cloud 9 Smoke Co has a vast selection of high quality, affordable torches from notable brands such as Special Blue and Newport. Having a butane torch doesn’t end with dabbing! You can also use a torch to make fantastic, gourmet meals after a sesh. (Or you can char the pizza you ordered; we’ll call it gourmet anyways!)

Why Should I Use a Carb Cap?

Not to be confused with the nutrition element most of us are scared of, carb caps are an accessory for your banger that makes for the perfect dab sesh! Carb caps prevent your concentrate vapor from escaping into the air and allows you to control the airflow inside your banger. By having full control over the airflow in your banger, you have the ability to maximize concentrate vaporization to get the most out of your concentrates! 

Benefits of Using a Carb Cap for Dabbing

Allows for vaporization at lower temperatures
Maximum heat retention in your banger
Concentrate vaporization becomes more effective and efficient

What are Carb Caps Made Of?

Borosilicate glass - Borosilicate glass carb caps are a flavorless and heat-safe option for dabbing! By having a carb cap made from borosilicate glass, you can choose from many different designs, shapes and styles to fit your dabbing preferences.
Silicone - Silicone carb caps are made from food-grade silicone that’s 100% washable, shatterproof, nontoxic, and BPA free. The slick texture of silicone carb caps prevent any concentrate from sticking onto the carb cap after use
Quartz - Quartz carb caps are considered to be the more heat stable and durable material. Quartz carb caps will last you a long time and won’t alter the taste of your dab!

What Types of Carb Caps Can I Find at Cloud 9 Smoke Co?

Bubble Carb Caps - Taking on the iconic bubble shape, bubble carb caps provide maximum control over airflow due to their large carb stem and ball-and-socket design. These carb caps work best with flat-top bangers! 
Directional Carb Caps - Directional carb caps feature a carb hole and an angled tube stemming down from the cap. These carb caps create a proper seal around your banger and can direct your concentrate around the banger for improved vaporization!
Spinner Carb Caps - Spinner carb caps have a wide carb stem with glass blown grooves to direct the airflow of your concentrate vapor! These carb caps are convenient to use, requiring you to place the carb cap on top of your banger and secure the carb hole with your finger. That’s it!

Buy the Best Carb Caps Online at Cloud 9 Smoke Co! 

Carb caps are the best way to make the most out of your concentrates and amplifies your dabbing experience! By choosing a unique carb cap to call your own, you can express your aesthetic to all friends and 420-friendly family members! At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we have the best selection of carb caps with amazing designs crafted from the best materials. With free shipping and discrete packaging, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got your back! 

The Best Dab Tools at Cloud 9 Smoke Co! 

Whether you’re looking for a dab tool, or dabbing wand, a dab timer, or a digital thermometer for dabbing, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got you covered! Dab tools help you to get the most out of your concentrates and dabbing experience while adding a personal touch to every sesh. We have the best selection of dab tools at affordable prices so you can get started in the world of dabbing - the right way! 

Stainless Steel Dab Tools

Durable, shatterproof - what else could we ask for? Stainless steel dab tools are a popular choice in the dabbing community and take on a narrow, thin design to fit in any banger. Additionally, you can choose a specific type of stainless steel dab tool to fit your concentrate and dabbing preferences!
Wulf Tech Dab Tools have dual tips to make it usable for any texture of concentrates. You can choose from a variety of styles including skillet, flathead, scoop, and spoon to pair with your dabbing preference! 

Dabbing Timers

Kiss your cellphone timer goodbye! Dabbing timers feature variable sets of time to help you determine when it’s time to drop a fat glob of concentrate into your banger. 
The Errly Bird 3-in-1 Timer features a 30 second, 45 second, and 60 second sand timer for you to measure the cool down time of any quartz banger of your choice! Made out of stainless steel with glow-in-the-dark sand, you can’t go wrong with this dabbing timer! 

Dabbing Thermometers

Sounds like science, huh? That’s because it is! Having a dabbing thermometer gives you the perfect tool to end the guessing game of your banger’s temperature. No more fear of losing out on the perfect heat, dabbing thermometers have got your back! 
The Terpometer Digital Concentrate Thermometer is a digital thermometer that measures the surface temperature of your banger with the help of a digital LCD screen! What makes this thermometer super helpful is its green-light indicator telling you your banger is at the perfect temperature to take a dab.

Buy Dab Tools Online at Cloud 9 Smoke Co

The search for the best dab tools online is over! Cloud 9 Smoke Co has a premium selection of dab tools to get your dabbing experience started off on the right foot. With affordable prices, discrete shipping, and friendly customer service, Cloud 9 Smoke Co is the best online smoke shop to buy all things dab! 
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