Detox Cleanses

Keeping your body healthy is essential, especially if you are a smoker. With our premium detox products, you can help boost your health and well being with a variety of our body cleanse. Here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co., we offer a wide range of detox products that include drinks, capsules, and powders. These detox products are designed to help cleanse your body as well as assist in clarifying toxins and chemical buildup. Additionally, we offer At-Home drug testing kits that are meant for easy and discreet testing. Browse our curated collection below of the best Detox products and At Home Drug Testing Kits.   

  • Herbal Cleanse Premium Detox - Group

    Herbal Clean

    Herbal Cleanse Premium Detox

    Herbal Cleanse Premium Detox   The Herbal Cleanse Premium Detox is a complete 7 day whole body cleansing program made to enhance your wellness via detoxification! Made from natural herbs and supplements, this detox cleanse will make you feel brand...

  • ultra eliminex herbal toxin cleanse detox drink

    Ultra Eliminex 32oz Detox Drink

    Ultra Eliminex 32oz Detox Drink Take control of your body with Ultra Eliminex 32oz Detox Drink. Made by the trusted brand in Detox since 1990, Herbal Clean, Ultra Eliminex is made with an elite formula to cleanse even the highest of toxins. This...

  • puriclean max herbal detox cleanser softgels

    PuriClean Instant Max Cleanser Softgels

    PuriClean Instant Max Cleanser Softgels Feel the Power of Puriclean Max Herbal Detox Cleanser softgels and say goodbye to those harmful toxins in your body. Formulated with ReleaseGel technology, Puriclean Max Herbal Detox Cleanser is instantly released...

  • Watermelon flavor herbal detox cleanser

    PuriClean Instant Max Cleanser

    PuriClean Instant Max Cleanser Cleanse your body of harmful toxins with Puriclean Instant Max Cleaner. This cleaner is scientifically formulated with our proprietary Chloropsyllic Blend to be up to 5X stronger and work faster. This cleaner works...

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