EVS Vape Juice - Emergency Vape Stash (3mg/100ml, 6mg/100ml)

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Emergency Vape Stash Juice Flavors 120mL Bottle

Emergency Vape Stash (EVS) is a premium vape juice brand that is dedicated to providing you the best vaping experience. Their combination of unique and delicious flavors rival other brands. EVA uses the best ingredients and blends each vape juice to prefection. Each vape juice is expertly tested and approved for your satisfaction. 

Your taste buds will celebrate with their wide variety of blends and aromas. Discover a new way to vape with Emergency Vape Stash Vape Juice. Each EVS Vape Juice comes in a 120mL bottle for better savings.

EVS Vape Juice Flavor Profiles

Blue Razz Slushi- This flavor is an amazingly tart yet incredibly sweet cold, blue rasberry slushi!

Blue Razz Slushi on Ice- Tart yet very sweet cold, blue raspberry slushi on ice!

Blueberry Cheesecake- A rich blend of cream cheese and a sweet bold berry swirl that will make your mouth water!

Caramel Green Apple- offers a tart green apple, covered with sweet, sticky caramel!

Lemon Cheesecake- Gives you an amazing blend of lemon and cheesecake flavors. A real match made in heave!

Pink Lemonade- This popular summer drink flavor is something that will bring all of your taste buds to life! 

Strawberry Milk- Delivers a decadent blend of juicy strawberries and sweet milk.

Strawberry Vanilla Custard- Brings the bold, rich vanilla custard flavor we all know and love.

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EVS Vape Juice - Emergency Vape Stash (3mg/100ml, 6mg/100ml)


EVS Vape Juice - Emergency Vape Stash (3mg/100ml, 6mg/100ml)


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