Exotic Fanta Iyokan Orange Yogurt Soda PET (Japan)

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Exotic Fanta Soda Flavors

Fanta is an orange soda drink that was created in Germany in 1940 during World War II by the German Coca Cola bottling company. Fast forward to present day, and with many more flavors introduced, Fanta is now available worldwide!

Though Fanta is available worldwide, there are some pretty amazing Fanta flavors that we don't always get to see or taste. That's why Cloud 9 Smoke Co has found rare and hard-to-find exotic Fanta flavors for you to try out!

Sourced from Asian, European, and African countries, we present to you the best exotic soda selection with a specialization in Fanta flavors. We have an extensive selection of Fanta flavors you won't find anywhere in America. We offer flavors you've most likely never seen from Okinawa Shikuwasa Fruit, Salty Lychee, and many more! Get some Exotic Fanta today, only at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.!

Fanta Exotic Soda Flavors

  • Fanta Iyokan Orange Yogurt Flavor PET - Sourced from Japan (Limited Edition) | 20oz bottle
    • This Fanta flavor combines tangy yogurt with the flavor of the reknown Iyokan Mikan (mandaran oranges). What makes this exotic soda so special is its addition of DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid; a type of Omega 3 Fat) that will give your body a little extra vitality! 
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Exotic Fanta Iyokan Orange Yogurt Soda PET (Japan)


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