Exotic Pocky Almond Taste - Japanese Biscuit Sticks

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The Tastiest Sticks Around! Introducing Exotic Pocky

If you've ever scavenged the aisles of your supermarket or local grocery store for a box of Pocky, and you're tired of hoping and praying that these little sticks of joy will be in stock, you've come to the right place my friend. Exotic Pocky is your cure-all to experience this international snack in its most authentic form. Sourced from Asian countries, Exotic Pocky takes on unconventional flavors beyond the traditional wheat stick dipped in chocolate. Whether you go bananas over chocolate or nuts, or if you prefer to keep your sweetness on the mild side, there's an Exotic Pocky for you. Each box of Exotic Pocky contains a foil-sealed bag for freshness. This exotic snack is the best fit to satisfy all cravings when you're in need of something filling. Bring your snack game over to the exotic side with the best Exotic Pocky of all time!

Exotic Pocky Flavors

  • Almond Taste (Sourced from Japan) - Biscuit sticks diped in sweet milk chocolate with an indulgent crunchy almond coating.

Each box of Exotic Pocky contains 10 sticks of Pocky.

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Exotic Pocky Almond Taste - Japanese Biscuit Sticks


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