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Exotic Soda and Exotic Snacks

If you’ve ever wanted to try sodas and snacks from countries outside of the United States, now’s your chance! No need for a plane ticket here, we have the best exotic sodas and exotic snacks for you to try right in your own home. 
Exotic sodas are beverages created from countries outside of the United States and typically offer flavors that you wouldn’t find anywhere else! From White Peach flavored Fanta all the way to Pineapple flavored Pepsi, we’ve got you covered with the most interesting, yet incredibly enticing, soda flavors.

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What is Exotic Soda?

Exotic soda encapsulates any rare, hard-to-find flavors of beverages that are sourced from all over the world! Many popular hip-hop and rap artists choose exotic sodas and snacks as their “go-to” aside from traditional snacks. 
At first, exotic sodas took a lot of convincing for the general public to want  to consume them. However, in the present day many people seek exotic sodas and snacks because of their ability to offer a sweet dose of nostalgia and unusual flavors! 

Why Are Exotic Sodas and Snacks More Expensive?

The reason why the cost for exotic sodas and snacks are higher than the average bag of chips or bottle of soda is because there is a special tax that is placed on these items to import them into the United States. Though these prices may seem a bit higher than what you would expect to find at a grocery store, rest assured that you’re receiving authentic, high quality sodas and snacks for your enjoyment!
Additionally, exotic snacks and sodas stretch beyond finding unusual flavors of commonly known soda brands and snack brands and now encompass any “discontinued” snacks that are difficult to find. Remember Dunkaroos? Though they’re not available in store, there’s definitely an exotic soda or snack company that has them available. 
Now that exotic sodas and exotic snacks include flavors from outside of the United States as well as snacks that are seemingly impossible to find, many people see the value of these sodas and snacks as more than reasonable to splurge on. Trust us, these flavors and possibilities that exotic sodas and snacks offer are truly worth the cost! 

Where Do Exotic Sodas and Snacks Come From?

In simplest terms, exotic sodas and exotic snacks all come from different areas of the world! We have Canada Dry from our neighbor, Canada, but we also have sodas and snacks from Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand.
Some of our products are exclusive to limited edition series sourced from worldwide countries. For example, some chips are from a limited edition Lays series in China and Japan. You may not even be able to find those flavors in their home countries now! 

Are Exotic Sodas and Exotic Snacks “Legit?”

100%! It definitely seems difficult, at first, to judge whether or not an exotic soda or snack is legit. Who wouldn’t want to make an “exotic soda” at home and resell them for a profit?
While that question is totally valid, there are a lot of factors you’d have to consider when even attempting to make an exotic soda or snack at home. In fact, it’s close to impossible to match the flavor! Think about it. Coca Cola specially engineers and crafts its flavor to be distinguished from its competitors. To this day, not many people have figured out how to replicate the exact flavor. It’s the same concept with exotic sodas!
At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we take special care in establishing positive relationships with reputable and credible manufacturers whose products are sourced from overseas. We understand how challenging it can be to trust vendors online, which is why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and have found the best vendors for all things “exotic.

Why Should I Try Exotic Sodas and Snacks?

We all know the feeling that we experience when we head to the grocery store to load up on snacks and drinks for the upcoming week. It seems like we’ve tried almost every flavor of sodas and snacks, and it feels like it's been way overdue for our snack and soda selection to broaden in variety.
Trying an exotic soda or snack will give your taste buds the perfect opportunity to indulge in something new and unknown! Have you ever tried a Taco Meat flavored Dorito from Japan? Exactly! That’s the fun that comes from trying exotic sodas and snacks.

What are the Best Exotic Sodas and Exotic Snacks to Buy Online?

If you’re ready to try an exotic soda or exotic snack, you’ve come to the right place! All of us at Cloud 9 Smoke Co prefer exotic sodas and snacks as our go-to break snack or munchie food.
Here’s a few of our favorite exotic snacks and exotic sodas that we recommend anyone to try!
Furu Furu Shaker Orange Fanta - This drink is only found in Japan and puts a special twist on the famous Orange Fanta. With this exotic soda, you have to shake the can (recommended 10 times), open and enjoy! The reason why you shake the can before consumption is because as you move the can, the soda and jelly contents inside will combine, creating a uniquely delicious and refreshing drink.
Taco Meat Flavored Doritos - If you’re ever craving a snack that’s salty and savory, this is the exotic snack for you! Made from real beef in Japan, the Taco Meat flavored Doritos seriously taste like you’re biting into a real taco. From the seasonings of the meat, all the way to the salsa garnishes on top, it’s sensational to experience and will leave you satisfied until your next meal!
Sprite Extra - We all know that fast food chain that really gives Sprite that extra “zing” that we all crave. Hear us out - this exotic soda amplifies that by tenfold! The Sprite Extra packs a mean punch of zip and zest to really formulate a powerful lemon-lime beverage. If you’re in need of something refreshing and exciting, this rendition of traditional Sprite is bound to become your go-to.
Black Cherry Canada Dry - Sourced from Canada, this flavor of ginger ale is simply unmatched! Taking the traditional flavor of Canada Dry and combining it with sweet, yet tart, Black Cherry is the perfect combination of indulgence. Not to mention, this exotic soda makes for the perfect mixer for a kickback with friends and family.
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