[SOLD] Fish Glass Banana Chimp

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Smokin' Chimp Heady Dab Rig by Fish Glass


Fish Glass does it again with this incredibly balanced heady dab rig! An orange gorilla is featured smoking a joint or a cigar, it’s hard to tell which, and a banana functions as a sort of quasi-diffusing ball rig on the interior of this fantastic dab rig. The gorilla’s eyes menace back at you when you look at him directly, but get used to it because that’s the way you take fat rips out of this luxurious piece of heady art. The colors in this dab rig are another dazzling feature that immediately catches your eye. Besides the purple on the gorilla, the bright mustard of the banana diffuser pops out and grabs the attention right away. This is the type of heady glass that you put on a shelf and collet as an art piece, but if you’re into bringing it out you’re sure to be the life of the party.


Smokin' Chimp Heady Dab Rig by Fish Glass Features

  • Banana shaped ball rig diffuser
  • Eye-catching colors 
  • Realistic cigar/joint in gorilla’s mouth
  • Banana 1/1 carb cap
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[SOLD] Fish Glass Banana Chimp


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