Glass Bowls & Slides

Whether you want to replace your favorite flower bowl or style up your water pipe, Cloud 9 Smoke Co. has a spectacular collection glass bowls and slide that suit every smoker's taste. Our curated collection of bowls and slides that amazing color ranges, wig-wag designs, worked glass styles, funnel bowls, martini bowls, horned slides, colored blocked glass, and many, many more! Our glass bowls and glass slides also come in a variety of joint sizes too from 10mm to 14mm to 18mm. Check out great styles from name brands like MOB Glass, Gambino Studios, High Country and so much more. Can't find the right glass bowl or slide you're looking for -- hit us up on LiveChat, and get instant access to our in-house bowl expert! 


What is a Slide?

Glass slides, also known as bowls, is the part of the water pipe used to store and light your dry herb for consumption! Slides are able to keep your dry herb snugly in place during a sesh while ensuring all of the herb comes into contact with the flame of your lighter or match. 

How Does a Slide Work?

Glass slides work by using the shape of their body to hold your dry herb during a sesh. When you look into a glass slide, you’ll notice that the bottom of the bowl tapers off into a smaller hole. The reason why glass slides are shaped like this on the inside is to keep your herb contained without fear of your dry herb falling through the downstem of your water pipe. The smaller hole at the bottom of your slide will also prevent most ash from entering inside your water pipe, which will create a headache of a mess!
As you smoke from your water pipe, your glass slide is working to burn your dry herb and providing a seamless transition of smoke from the slide into the base of your water pipe! When you begin to suck into your water pipe while your herb is lit, the herb will begin to cherry. This is a huge green light telling you that your slide is working just fine, and you should begin to see smoke fill inside your water pipe!

Slide Sizes and Joint Style

When picking out a slide, it’s important to know what size and joint style you need to select for your water pipe! The average slide sizes are 14mm or 18mm. To get an idea of what size your water pipe’s joint size is, take your middle and index finger and place it inside the joint of your water pipe. If your ring finger fits snugly, your water pipe’s joint size is 14mm! However, if your middle finger fits securely inside your joint, your size is 18mm.
Knowing the joint style, or gender, of your water pipe is also crucial in choosing the right slide for your water pipe. If your water pipe’s joint is narrow and tapered, your water pipe has a male joint. To complement that, you’ll need a female slide! Think about the birds and the bees here.
If your water pipe has a wide, opened joint, then your water pipe has a female joint. To complement this joint style, you’ll need a male slide. 

What Styles of Slides Can I Choose From?

When buying a glass slide online from Cloud 9 Smoke Co, you can confidently choose from the best glass slides on the market! Our collection of glass slides styles include traditional martini-style slides, snapper slides, bubble slides, screen slides, and many more. 
Martini Slides
Martini-style slides are the most traditional style of glass slides. Their simple martini shape allows for your dry herb to stay densely packed at the top while providing the tapered transition of smoke from your slide to your water pipe! This style of slide is great if you’re new to smoking, or a veteran who prefers a simple, direct style of slide.
Snapper Slides
Snapper slides typically take on a rectangular shape with a smaller bowl inside the glass slide. The smaller bowl of snapper slides is the entire reason why they have their name! These glass slides give you the ability to take a quick snap (or quick hit) from your water pipe without having to sit through an entire sesh. Snapper slides are perfect for a quick pick-me-up.
Bubble Slides
Bubble slides gain their name due to their wide, bulbous shape. Bubble slides typically have a thicker body with more room for design and nubs to serve as roll stoppers. These glass slides have the ability to contain a wider bowl on the inside, which gives you a lot of room for packing! 
Screen Slides
Another huge pick-me-up! Screen slides are perfect if you’re looking to reduce the amount of fallen dry herb and ash from making its way into your water pipe. Screen slides feature, on average, 5 holes inside their bowl to securely hold your dry herb while keeping most ash and unsmoked herb inside the slide. 

How to Use a Slide

Using a glass slide may seem pretty direct after knowing what they’re used for! However, there is a method to the madness. When using a glass slide, you want to make sure your dry herb is packed just right before smoking from your water pipe.
The best rule of thumb is to make sure your dry herb is ground into a fine consistency. Then, you want to take your dry herb and begin to lightly pack your slide from the bottom. As you pack your slide towards the top, pack your herb denser and denser until you reach the very top of your slide. The reason why you do this is to ensure a smooth, even burn without worry of ash falling into your piece or tasting ash as you burn through your slide! 

The Best Glass Slides to Buy Online

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, you can rest assured that you’re buying the best glass slides online! If you need a quick redirect to some of our best sellers, don’t worry. Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got you covered! 
MOB Glass 5 Hole Slide 14mm ($19.99) - This affordably priced screen slide will make sure that your herb is in good hands during a sesh! Made from borosilicate glass, this slide is loaded with a large bowl with a 5-hole design for better rips and intense terpene flavor.
MOB Glass 5 Hole Horn Slide 14mm ($24.99) - This slide is all about convenience and intensity during a sesh! Similar to the original 5 hole slide, this slide will keep your dry herb well secured while maximizing intensity in terpene flavor. Additionally, this slide features a trusty wig-wag handle that will keep your hands burn (and ash) free during a sesh!
MOB Glass 14mm Slide Ash Catcher ($19.99) - A huge combo that you can’t go wrong with! This slide features a built-in ash catcher to ensure that your dry herb is well secured while keeping ash far away from your water pipe. This slide will ensure cleaning days are less of a pain for you!
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