Seek and Ye Shall Grind

Grinders are tools that are used to break your dry-herb up into small bits for smoother-hitting bowls or for wrapping in rolling papers. Here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. we have a wide variety of high-quality grinders that will provide that perfect grind. Our grinders are available from popular brands such as MediCali and Phoenician and come in various sizes. Shop our Grinders Below!


Why Should I Use a Grinder?

To have the best smoking experience possible, using a grinder will put you at the advantage of doing so! Grinders contain special teeth and grooves that will grind your dry herb into a fluffy, fine consistency which is perfect for all methods of smoking. Whether you prefer smoking from papers and wraps, hand pipes, water pipes - you name it! Grinders will help your dry herb get to the perfect consistency to smoke from. 
Plus, grinders are way easier to use than picking apart herb with your hands or using DIY methods such as scissors to grind your dry herb.

What Types of Grinders Can I Choose From?

Though versatility may not seem a big part of selecting a grinder, there is definitely some versatility when it comes to choosing a grinder for your smoking experience! Here are the types of grinders you can choose from at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.
2-Piece Grinders - 2-piece grinders are the OG, traditional style of grinders. Both top and bottom pieces of these grinders will contain grinding teeth to break down your dry herb into a fine consistency. However, these grinders do not have any exit holes for post ground material. 
4-Piece Grinders - 4-piece grinders have a lot of power behind their name. The top piece and the first section of a 4 piece grinder contains sharp grinding teeth to break down your dry herb. In comparison to 2-piece grinders, 4-piece grinders have a pollen screen and a chamber at the bottom of the grinder for you to scoop up remaining pollen for a delectable smoke sesh!

How to Use a Grinder

Using a grinder is very easy, even for new tokers! Cloud 9 Smoke Co has broken down how to use a grinder into four easy steps for you to follow when using your new grinder. 
Take the top lid off of your grinder and begin to break down small pieces of your dry herb to place between the teeth of your grinder. Never put your dry herb in the center of the grinder! This is where any magnets will pivot, meaning your herb will not be shredded.
Place the top of the grinder back on to the grinder and give the grinder around 10-15 rotating turns. You should always make sure that all of your dry herb is finely ground and has made its way through all holes of the grinder. 
Unscrew the chamber of your grinder containing any teeth to retrieve your freshly ground dry herb! Load this into your pipe, water pipe, joint, or blunt to enjoy. 
If you’ve collected enough pollen in your grinder, scrape some of the pollen out with a thin card, or pollen scraper if your grinder came with one! You can use this pollen to sprinkle over your dry herb for an eventful sesh.

The Best Grinders to Buy Online

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we’ve got you covered with the best grinders to buy online! We’ve selected a few of our favorites to help you decide which grinder to buy online.
RAW Life Grinder ($49.99)- The upper chamber of this 4-piece grinder is equipped with holes to allow your ground dry herb to make its way into the storage chamber. Another great feature of this grinder is its dense, mesh pollen screen to allow you to whip up some sweet pollen garnish for future seshes! What makes the RAW Life Grinder compared to ordinary grinders is that all of its components are replaceable, so you can add or customize this grinder however you’d like.
STR8 Flower Mill Herb Grinder ($109.99) - This 4-piece grinder is made from food-grade stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum and uses a milling rotor to ground your dry herb. In comparison to teeth, the milling rotor will roll your dry herb across the screen instead of ripping it apart. This gives your dry herb a softer, fluffier texture! 
MOB Mulcher Drop Top Herb Grinder ($45.99) - This drop-top grinder has sharp, rugged teeth to grind your dry herb and produce extra-potent pollen for you to garnish your bowls for the sesh of a lifetime! This grinder features a window chamber for you to keep an eye on your dry herb, so you’ll know when it’s time to grind again.
MOB Mulcher The Don - 4 Piece ($44.99) - This diagonal cut of this 4-piece grinder’s teeth allows for your dry herb to be finely ground with minimal resistance and struggle in the process. With its fine-wire mesh screen and dual grinding plates, this grinder takes the cake for a premium, affordable grinder! 
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