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You don’t have the break the bank to buy a quality hand pipe. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is the number 1 online smoke shop that offers the best hand pipes at reasonable and affordable prices. We know you have many choices when it comes to buying your smoking gear and we are proud to offer a wide range of hand pipes that fit all price ranges and smoking styles. Browse our amazing collection today and get yourself the best hand pipe deal online.


  • Wooden Hand Pipe with Lid 1

    Wooden Hand Pipe with Lid

    Make the Best Smoke Seshes out of the Wooden Hand Pipe with Lid! The Wooden Hand Pipe with Lid is the compact, aesthetically pleasing hand pipe you've been waiting for! The Wooden Hand Pipe with Lid takes on user-friendly design with its smooth body and...

    MSRP: $19.99
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    Chillum - Assorted 2

    Chillum - Assorted

    Rave On About the Chillum - Assorted The Assorted Chillum is a high end chillum that will level up your one-hitter smoking experience! This glass chillum features a sleek body made from borosilicate glass. When it comes down to a sesh, this Chillum...

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    Glass Chillum - Assorted Designs 1

    Glass Chillum - Assorted Designs

    Pack a Mean Hit with the Glass Chillum - Assorted Designs! The Glass Chillum - Assorted Designs is a phenomenal high end chillum that will blow all other one-hitters out of the water! This Glass Chillum features a thick body crafted from borosilicate...

    MSRP: $25.00
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    Glass Chillum 1

    Glass Chillum - Assorted Colors

    Pack, Light, and Delight with the Glass Chillum! The Glass Chillum is a compact one-hitter made from borosilicate glass. This durable chillum features a bowl with a narrow hole to keep ash out of your mouth for all seshes! The Glass Chillum features...

    MSRP: $29.99
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    Metal Bat One-Hitter - 1


    Metal Bat One-Hitter

    Enjoy Top-Secret Smoke Seshes with the Metal Bat One-Hitter!   Did someone say discrete toking? For all bud users looking for the best discrete smoking experience, the Metal Bat One-Hitter is here to come in clutch! This one-hitter is made with a...

  • Paradise Silicone The Mic Hand Pipe with Black with built in screen. Available in multi-colors

    Paradise Silicone

    Paradise Silicone The Mic Hand Pipe

    Sing in High Tune with the Paradise Silicone The Mic Hand Pipe! There will never be a dull moment in your herb smoking with the Paradise Silicone The Mic Hand Pipe by your side. This silicone spoon-style hand pipe takes on the formation of a microphone...

  • Paradise Silicone Pill Shaped Hand Pipe with Built in Glass Screen Bowl

    Paradise Silicone

    Pill Shaped Hand Pipe

    Chill with this Pill Shaped Hand Pipe by Paradise Silicone Perfect for discreet smoking, the Paradise Silicone Pill Shaped Hand Pipe has an indestructible silicone body and glass bowl. The ultimate convenience hand pipe is small, super durable, and easy...

  • Mankey Glass Hand Pipe Assorted

    Mankey Hand Pipe

    Mankey Hand Pipe No more "mankeying" around. This handcrafted figurine hand pipe is a must-have for your glass pipe collection. Plus, it's fun way to express yourself, while providing you with incredible form and function. Made from high-quality glass,...

  • Paradise Silicone One Hitter chillum for dry herb black blue

    Paradise Silicone

    Paradise Silicone One Hitter

    Paradise Silicone One Hitter We all know how frustrating it can be when a glass piece shatters, so why not invest in a piece that won't break? The Paradise Silicone One Hitter is virtually unbreakable as it is wrapped in a durable silicone structure. The...

  • Chillum Fire and Ice One Hitter standing

    Chillum Fire and Ice

    Chillum Fire and Ice One Hitter Stay discreet with your dry herb with the Fire and Ice Chillum. The high-quality one-hitter is made with borosilicate glass, and has a beautiful deep ocean blue underlay with red accents. The Fire and Ice Chillum has a...

  • MAV Glass Mini Hand Held Water Pipe Bubbler with left side shotgun and deep bowl.

    MAV Glass

    Mav Glass Mini Bubbler 2.5

    It May Be Tiny But It Sure in Mighty the MAV Glass Mini Bubbler 2.5 With the MAV Glass Mini Bubbler 2.5 you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. This premium scientific glass hand held bubbler gives you the filtration of a water pipe, and the...

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