Heady Glass Hand Pipes

Looking for a statement piece to add to your collection? Well, you've come to the perfect online smoke shop! Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is the proud purveyor of some of the most impressive heady glass hand pipes to grace this earth. From the colorful to the whimsical to the avant-garde to the most simple, we have the most sought after glassblowing artists in our collection. Heady artist's such as Steve Sizelove, Huffy, Andy G, Dynamic Glass, Niko Cray -- and the list goes on, have trusted us with the most priced glass hand pipes. Never mass produced, these one-of-a-kind heady glass hand pipes are not just beautiful, but also function extremely well. Hurry, heady glass hand pipes sell out fast. So grab yourself a smoking art piece that will make you the talk of the town!

  • Chubbz Heady Bubbler 1 (allow images)

    Chubbz Glass

    Chubbz Heady Bubbler

    A Bubbler Made for Catching Eyes! Introducing the Chubbz Heady Bubbler Chubbz Glass is at it again! This time, MOB partnered with this heady style to produce the Chubbz Heady Bubbler for our collection, and we can't wait to share it with you. The Chubbz...

  • MOB Short Heady Bubbler 1

    MOB Glass

    MOB Short Heady Bubbler

    Turn Heads with the MOB Short Heady Bubbler Looking to own your first heady piece without breaking the bank? You're in luck! The MOB Short Heady Bubbler is the perfect heady piece if you're looking to immerse yourself in heady culture without a mega...

  • Andy G Ice Bubbler water pipe

    Andy G

    Andy G Ice Bubbler

    Andy G Ice Bubbler The Ice Bubbler by the American glass artist, Andy G features stunning wig wag designs all over the hand pipe. The pipe is colored in deep blue and green designs giving it a bold icy feel. You'll find beautiful marbles worked into the...

  • andy g sherlock reticello and uv colored pipe

    Andy G

    Andy G Sherlock - Reticello/UV

    Andy G Sherlock - Reticello/UV Andy G sherlocks are out of this world! This beautiful sherlock is designed with reticello throughout the entire sherlock. The side of the sherlock features a matching reticello cab reinforced to the pipe. If that wasn't...

  • inkz glass hand pipe canary yellow for sale online


    Inkz Hand Pipe - Canary Yellow

    Inkz Hand Pipe - Canary Yellow Inkz glass is known for his beautiful color designs. This Inkz hand pipe is designed with a canary yellow color throughout the pipe. The side of the pipe features a fireball orange and peach gradient leaf. The leaf itself...

  • logan mcsporin airplane pipe for sale online

    Logan Mcsporin

    Logan Mcsporin Airplane Pipe

    Logan Mcsporin Airplane Pipe Logan Mcsporin is popular for his heavily detailed sculpture designs in his glass pipes. This crazy hand pipe by Logan Mcsporin is an military aircraft sculpture spoon pipe with portland gray glass. This spoon pipe features...

  • cap glass tricked out sherlock with dual opal encasement

    Cap Glass

    Cap Glass Tricked Out Sherlock - Dual Opal Encasement

    Cap Glass Tricked Out Sherlock - Dual Opal Encasement Get a truly uniqe and affordable piece with the Cap Glass Tricked Out Sherlock Pipe. Cap Glass is a local underground artist known for his rare and complex designed glass art pieces. This unique...

  • niko cray cig pipe for sale online

    Niko Cray

    Niko Cray Cig Pipe

    Niko Cray Cig Pipe Niko Cray is an incredible American artist, highly gifted in sculpting. His work is very detailed and extremely lifelike, creating a true sense of realism within his sculptures, which just happen to be pipes. The "Cigarette" is an...

  • niko cray dude pipe for sale online

    Niko Cray

    Niko Cray Dude Pipe

    Niko Cray Dude Pipe The Dude is a 2016 Niko Cray piece, depicting a man shrugging nonchalantly. From his bootlaces to his tank top to the texture of his skin, Niko went above and beyond on this piece. The joint is integrated into his arm, where the...

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