Heat Management Devices

Enhance your overall hookah smoking experience with Cloud 9 Smoke Co.'s selection of heat management devices. Heat management devices will regulate the heat transferring from the coals to the shisha, giving you a smoother, cleaner, longer-lasting, and flavorful smoking experience. Shop Heat Management Devices below! 


Heat Management Devices


How Do Heat Management Devices Work?

A heat management device works to help you smoke a perfect bowl of shisha by managing the heat of your charcoal during a hookah session. Heat management devices are typically designed of aluminum materials to produce heat to your bowl. Heat management devices replace the average foil you’d use during a sesh and helps your tobacco stay evenly heated within your bowl.
Heat management devices have the added benefit of helping your coals last longer, which lets you save time and money in the long run. Additionally, heat management devices generate consistent smoke and flavor by giving you the ability to adjust the airflow that interacts with your charcoal.

How Do I Use a Heat Management Device?

Using a heat management device is actually a lot easier than it seems! After packing your hookah bowl with shisha, place the heat management device on your bowl without any foil. Once you have fully cooked your charcoal, place the pieces of charcoal into the heat management device. Add the lid to your heat management device once your charcoals are inserted. Give your heat management device around 5 minutes to warm up. After that, your bowl should be ready to smoke once you have allowed enough heat to transfer to your shisha tobacco.
Once your sesh is going smoothly, you can adjust the heat by swiveling the lid on the heat management device allowing airflow to cool the bowl down or restricting the airflow to keep your bowl well-heated.

Hookah Charcoal Burners


What is a Hookah Charcoal Burner?

A hookah charcoal burner is an electric coil burner that works to heat your charcoal by using a lot of power! Opposed to traditional lighters, charcoal burners have the ability to reach very high heats and encompass an entire surface area to heat more than one charcoal at a time. With each hookah charcoal burner that you use, you’ll find that you can adjust the heat to your liking, and that most charcoal burners are easy to transport!

How Do I Use a Hookah Charcoal Burner?

Much like the coil-top on your stove, charcoal burners function very similarly to them! First things first, you’re going to want to take the charcoal burner out of its box or case and head to the nearest electrical outlet.
Quick piece of advice - Never try to heat your hookah charcoal on a flat top electric stove. The coals will crack your glass stove top! 
After you’ve made your way to an electrical outlet, plug your charcoal burner into the outlet, place the burner onto a flat surface (away from any flammable or fragile items) and place 2-3 pieces of charcoal onto the burner. Once you’ve put the charcoal on the burner, you’re cleared to turn the charcoal burner on. Depending on what heat you’d like to use, you can adjust the temperature on the gauge provided on the model of your hookah charcoal burner. 
Using your metal tongs, flip the sides of your hookah charcoal every 3-4 minutes to ensure that they’re being heated evenly. If a side of your charcoal turns bright red (before, during, or after 3-4 minutes), you’ll know it’s time to flip the charcoal over. You’ll know the coals are ready to be used once all of the black surface of the coals has turned red or orange and they are covered in gray ash. This process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.
After the coals have been heated, use your metal tongs to transfer the coals to your heat management device or hookah bowl for consumption. Always remember to turn off and unplug your hookah charcoal burner once you’ve finished cooking your charcoal. Enjoy!
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