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Dress Up Your Sesh

If you're looking to upgrade your Hookah experience or simply replace parts to your Hookah pipe, Cloud 9 Smoke Co. has you covered with our selection of Hookah Accessories. Here you will find heat management devices, charcoal burners, replacement parts, bowls and more. We carry a large selection of added Hookah accessories to allow you to personalize and upgrade your Hookah Experience. Finding the right Hookah accessory can completely revolutionize your hookah smoking experience and with our selection of hookah accessories you will be able to find the perfect products for you. Shop Hookah Accessories below! 


Dress Up Your Hookah Sesh

If you’re looking to upgrade your hookah experience and give your hookah a bit of “pizazz” (or maybe you just need a replacement piece or two!) Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got you covered with the best selection of hookah accessories. Here you will find heat management systems, charcoal burners, replacement parts, hookah bowls, and much more! We carry a vast selection of hookah accessories to allow you to personalize and upgrade your hookah experience. Finding the perfect accessories can completely revolutionize your hookah smoking experience, and with our selection of hookah accessories, you will be able to find the best products for you. Shop hookah accessories below! 

Cleaning Supplies


What Do I Need to Clean a Hookah?

Since hookahs are a bit larger in size than the average water pipe, you’re going to need special brushes to clean the lengthy pieces of the hookah. Additionally, since hookahs are able to be broken up into separate pieces, you’re going to need a brush for almost every piece.
If your hookah hose is washable, you’re going to need a hose brush, such as the Vadra Hookah Hose Brush, to be able to clean all the parts of your hose. Since hoses have a tendency to be around 60” or longer, having a slim, elongated brush will make the cleaning process easier and more efficient.
Similar to your hose, you’re going to need a brush for the stem of your hookah as well. Hookh stems are the longest piece of a hookah (aside from the hose if you’re counting!) so it's difficult to reach all parts of the stem with your hand and a washcloth, so to speak.
Additionally, these brushes are crafted with bristles that are non-abrasive to the parts of your hookah, so you can clean and care for your hookah worry-free!
Cleaning your hookah base is probably the easiest part of the cleaning process, but we strongly advise that you use a base brush to help you get the job done. The bristles on the base brush will help to remove any gunked ash, juice, and other leftover byproducts adhering to the walls of your base. 
Lastly, you can clean almost every piece of your hookah with a cleaning solution that works well with glass and metal, such as Randy’s Black Label Cleaning Solution. It’s highly recommended to rinse and scrub your hookah pieces with warm water first, and use a cleaning solution during a “repeat” of the rinse and scrub. Introducing your hookah parts to hot water and abrasive materials will work to loosen byproducts in your hookah, so your cleaning solution can work to its full potential.

Heat Management Systems


How Do Heat Management Devices Work?

A heat management device works to help you smoke a perfect bowl of shisha by managing the heat of your charcoal during a hookah session. Heat management devices are typically designed of aluminum materials to produce heat to your bowl. Heat management devices replace the average foil you’d use during a sesh and helps your tobacco stay evenly heated within your bowl.
Heat management devices have the added benefit of helping your coals last longer, which lets you save time and money in the long run. Additionally, heat management devices generate consistent smoke and flavor by giving you the ability to adjust the airflow that interacts with your charcoal.

How Do I Use a Heat Management Device?

Using a heat management device is actually a lot easier than it seems! After packing your hookah bowl with shisha, place the heat management device on your bowl without any foil. Once you have fully cooked your charcoal, place the pieces of charcoal into the heat management device. Add the lid to your heat management device once your charcoals are inserted. Give your heat management device around 5 minutes to warm up. After that, your bowl should be ready to smoke once you have allowed enough heat to transfer to your shisha tobacco.
Once your sesh is going smoothly, you can adjust the heat by swiveling the lid on the heat management device allowing airflow to cool the bowl down or restricting the airflow to keep your bowl well-heated.

Hookah Charcoal Burners


What is a Hookah Charcoal Burner?

A hookah charcoal burner is an electric coil burner that works to heat your charcoal by using a lot of power! Opposed to traditional lighters, charcoal burners have the ability to reach very high heats and encompass an entire surface area to heat more than one charcoal at a time. With each hookah charcoal burner that you use, you’ll find that you can adjust the heat to your liking, and that most charcoal burners are easy to transport!

How Do I Use a Hookah Charcoal Burner?

Much like the coil-top on your stove, charcoal burners function very similarly to them! First things first, you’re going to want to take the charcoal burner out of its box or case and head to the nearest electrical outlet.
Quick piece of advice - Never try to heat your hookah charcoal on a flat top electric stove. The coals will crack your glass stove top! 
After you’ve made your way to an electrical outlet, plug your charcoal burner into the outlet, place the burner onto a flat surface (away from any flammable or fragile items) and place 2-3 pieces of charcoal onto the burner. Once you’ve put the charcoal on the burner, you’re cleared to turn the charcoal burner on. Depending on what heat you’d like to use, you can adjust the temperature on the gauge provided on the model of your hookah charcoal burner. 
Using your metal tongs, flip the sides of your hookah charcoal every 3-4 minutes to ensure that they’re being heated evenly. If a side of your charcoal turns bright red (before, during, or after 3-4 minutes), you’ll know it’s time to flip the charcoal over. You’ll know the coals are ready to be used once all of the black surface of the coals has turned red or orange and they are covered in gray ash. This process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.
After the coals have been heated, use your metal tongs to transfer the coals to your heat management device or hookah bowl for consumption. Always remember to turn off and unplug your hookah charcoal burner once you’ve finished cooking your charcoal. Enjoy!

Hookah Hoses


Why Should I Replace My Hookah Hose?

Replacing or upgrading your hookah hose will allow your hookah experience to broader horizons. Compared to hoses that come with hookah kits, replacement hoses offer a huge upgrade to your smoking experience. For example, freezable hookah hoses give you the advantage of enjoying a refreshing, relaxing smoke sesh full of smooth, cool smoke.

Are Replacement Hookah Hoses Worth It?

Absolutely! On average, replacement hoses are made with higher quality materials and have the ability to be used consistently without worry of breaking or declining in quality. Having extra hookah hoses around gives you the opportunity to include homies in a sesh, or if you ever need a replacement hose due to any accidents during a sesh, you’ll be covered! 

How Do You Clean a Hookah Hose?

If your hookah hose is washable, you’re going to need to take extra care in cleaning and caring for your hose. To tell if your hose is washable, check inside the hose to make sure it has a plastic, or silicone, lining or is made out of plastic, acrylic, or silicone. All you need to do is rinse the hose out with hot water. Do not put any washable hoses in your dishwasher or washing machine. They will fall apart because the exterior is not designed for those conditions. Only the inside of the hose is made to handle exposure to moisture. Once you’ve rinsed your hose, hang your hoses to air dry.
If your hose has a metal coil inside of the inner tubing, that’s the key indicator that your hose is not washable. As you know, when metal comes into contact with water, it’s bound to corrode or rust at some point, which poses major health risks for anyone who smokes from it. No one wants that! 

Hookah Bowls 

What are Hookah Bowls Made From?

Hookah bowls, often referred to as hookah heads, are containers made out of clay, glass, or silicone that holds the shisha tobacco and coals during a hookah session. The shisha tobacco is packed into the bowl, followed by the bowl being covered by foil or a heat management device. After that, hot coals are placed on top allowing the shisha tobacco to heat up and produce smoke. 
Clay Hookah Bowls 
Clay hookah bowls are usually handmade and do a great job of trapping heat. This is the most popular material of hookah bowls. In some cases, these bowls can be glazed which allows for easy care and maintenance and switching shisha flavors during a smoke session. Unglazed bowls are best for smokers who prefer to keep shisha flavors consistent throughout seshes.
Ceramic Hookah Bowls
Ceramic bowls are often what you’ll find included in a hookah kit. In some cases, these bowls can be glazed which allows for easy care and maintenance and switching shisha flavors during a smoke session. Unglazed bowls are best for smokers who prefer to keep shisha flavors consistent.
Silicone Hookah Bowls
Virtually indestructible, silicone hookah bowls are easy to handle and care for! If you’re prone to accidents or often have friends over to smoke from your hookah, this type of bowl is a safe bet.

What are the Types of Hookah Bowls?

After looking through our collection, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of styles of hookah bowls to choose from! Here’s a breakdown of each type of hookah bowl, so you can decide which hookah bowl matches your smoke session preferences.
Egyptian Style Bowls
The classic style of hookah bowls! Egyptian hookah bowls are recognized by the five holes at the bottom of the bowl and take on a traditional clay color. This type of bowl is best used with shisha that doesn’t have an excessive amount of molasses flavoring. Newer, juicier shisha tobaccos often drip down the holes of Egyptian bowls and eventually clog them.
Vortex Bowls
Vortex bowls work best with modern, juicy shisha tobacco due to the center spire in the middle of the bowl. This allows for more airflow above the shisha and eliminates any risk for clogged holes and juice in your hookah. 
Phunnel Bowls
Much like Vortex bowls, Phunnel bowls function off of the center spire concept! The difference that Phunnel bowls bring to your hookah experience is a larger amount of air intake at the top of the spire. Phunnel bowls work well with any type of shisha tobacco, but the size of the bowl really determines what tobacco is used for best results.

How Do I Clean a Hookah Bowl?

Clay and ceramic bowls should be rinsed, at the very least. Any black staining that you find in your hookah bowl is difficult to remove, and you can scrub the glaze off of your bowl after long-term scrubbing. Make sure to rinse or use small pipe brushes to clean out the neck and holes of the hookah bowl.

Other Hookah “Goodies”

To check off all “hookah essential” boxes, we have an array of accessories ready for you! If you’re tired of using a pin, needle, or other sharp object to poke your foil, we have hookah foil pokers ready to help make the process more convenient and efficient! 
To store your charcoal in a more fashionable and ergonomic way, keeping your coals stored in a hookah charcoal holder is a safe bet! These accessories are perfect for smokers who want to have several sessions in a row.
If you’re ever in need of a replacement hookah base, hookah tongs, or if you need a fewrubber grommetsto get your pieces fitting snugly again, we’ve got you covered! It’s no doubt that Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the best hookah accessories to get you on your way to sweet hookah success.
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