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 Cloud 9 Smoke Co. offers a large selection of Hookah Coals in both quick lights and natural. Here you will find popular products such as Coco Buzz and Titanium Coals.  Hookah Coals are specially made coals that are set on top of the bowl, usually on top of tin foil or a heat management device, that heats up and vaporizes the shisha in the bowl. Natural and Quick Light coals are the two primary types of hookah coals. Quick Light Coals are coals that have a chemical accelerant coating that allows the coals to be lit with a standard cigarette lighter. These coals are great for those looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy their hookah without heating up the coals with a burner. Natural Hookah Coals are typically made from compressed coconut husks. These coals require a burner to heat up and typically take 5-10 minutes to heat. Natural coals usually burn longer and provide more heat than quick lights. Check out our selection of coals below!    


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