Shop our wide selection of Natural Hookah Coals here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. Here you will find high-quality natural coals including popular brands such as Coco Buzz, Titanium, Fahrenheit, and more.   Natural Hookah Coals are typically made from compressed coconut husks. These coals require a burner or Natural Coal Heater to heat up and typically take longer to heat than quick lights. However, natural coals usually burn longer and provide more heat than quick lights. Natural Coals are usually odorless and tasteless. Shop Natural Coals Below!   

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    72 Pieces Fahrenheit Coconut Shell Charcoal Natural Hookah Coals


    700 Fahrenheit

    Manufactured by MOB Hookah, 700 Fahrenheit is a 100% natural coconut charcoal. The coals contain no sulfur, are odorless, and produces very minimal amount of ashes. 700 Fahrenheit lights up faster and lasts longer than other brands. This box contains 72...

  • CocoBuzz Starbuzz Coconut Charcoal 2.0 72pcs  for hookah


    CocoBuzz 2.0

    CocoBuzz 2.0! You asked for it, and now you got it. Starbuzz took the 100% Eco-friendly CocoBuzz charcoal that we all love with 0% chemical additives, and made it bigger and better. CocoBuzz 2.0 is twice the size of the original CocoBuzz. These coals...

  • CocoVapor Natural Coconut Charcoal Flat 108 piece

    Vapor Hookah

    CocoVapor Flats

    Made by Vapor Hookah, CocoVapor is one of the most popular brands of natural coconut charcoal on the market. CocoVapor Coconut charcoals in the Flat version are compressed into individual rectangles so they do not leave a lot of ash and to prevent the...

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    High Quality Coconut Shell Hookah Charcoal


    Fumari Fuoco Coals

    Fuoco Hookah Coconut Charcoal by Fumari packs pure fire for your hookah. Made with nothing but quality coconut shell charcoal, Fuoco has no taste or smell when fully lit. Each 22mm cube is extra-pressed for superior density and lasts up to 90 minutes of...

  • Titanium Cube Natural Hookah Coconut Coals

    Hookah John

    Titanium Cubes

    Titanium Hookah coals are some of the most popular coals on the market. These coals are made from 100% compressed coconut shell with 0% additives. The cubes are super dense and smooth making them longer lasting while providing an even burn and fantastic...

  • Small Cube Natural Coconut Hookah Coals

    Hookah John

    Titanium Cubettes

    The Titanium Cubettes are a smaller form of the Titanium Cube Charcoal. The smaller size makes these perfect for using inside a heat management device. These coals are made from 100% natural coconut shell and provide a longer, even burn than other brands...

  • Titanium Flats Natural Coconut Hookah Coals

    Hookah John

    Titanium Flats

    Titanium Flats are the smallest coals out of the Titanium Series. These coals are flat cubes that are great for any bowl and heat management systems. Like all titanium coals, the flats are 100% pressed coconut shell and never contain fillers. The flats...

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