Illadelph Medium Straight Tube w/ Ashcatcher - Woodgrain (HALL OF FAME)

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Illadelph Medium Straight Tube w/ Ashcatcher - Woodgrain | Hall of Fame*

Get the complete package with the Illadelph Glass Medium Straight Tube w/ Ashcatcher. The Illadelph Medium Straight Tube stands at approx. 19" tall and includes a Signature Illadelph Disc Ashcatcher. The ashcatcher utilizes an upstem design to completely prevent splashback. By forcing the smoke to travel upward and around the upstem’s flared top, the water’s ability to travel from the ash-catcher back into the body of the water-pipe is completely eliminated. Additionally, the ashcatcher features a disc perc which features a plethora of percolating slits to increase smoke bubbles and filtration. This water pipe and ashcatcher features an amber color downstem and perc with woodgrain labeling throughout the pipe and ashcatcher. Achieve the best percolation of any scientific glass pipe with the Illadelph Medium Straight Tube w/ Ashcatcher Woodgrain Edition. 

Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is a trusted, authorized dealer of 100% Authentic Illadelph Glass.

Illadelph Medium Straight Tube - Woodgrain Includes: 

  • 14mm Single Hole Bowl
  • K-Clip for Securing Removable Down stem
  • Custom Padded Illadelph AOP Gift Box

Illadelph Medium Straight Tube - Woodgrain Features: 

  • Glass Color: Clear, Amber
  • Label Color: Woodgrain
  • Perc Type: Perforated Down Stem
  • Down Stem: 19/14mm Down Stem
  • Slide Type: Illadelph 14mm Single-Hole Slide
  • Height: Approximately 19”
  • Illadelph Medium Straight Series
  • Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Illadelph Disc Ashcatcher - Woodgrain Includes:

  • Color matching (K-Clip) Included to Secure Removable Downstem

Illadelph Disc Ashcatcher - Woodgrain Features:

  • Glass Color: Clear and Woodgrain
  • Label Color: Black
  • Perc Type: Showerhead Disc Perc
  • Downstem Type: 19mm Fixed Perforated
  • Height: Approximately 8.50”
  • Slide Type: For Use with 14mm Slide/Bowl
  • Production Series: Signature Series : Accessories – Shower Head Disc Ash Catcher
  • Fixed Downstem for 19mm Joints
  • Designed for Illadelph Production Beakers and Straights
  • Removable 18mm Showerhead Disc with Extra Thick Joint
  • Upstem Design to Help Maintain Ash Catcher Water Level
  • Highest Quality Precision Illadelph Labeling

* HALL OF FAME - This product is sold out and has retired to Cloud 9 Smoke Co's Hall of Fame.

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Illadelph Medium Straight Tube w/ Ashcatcher - Woodgrain (HALL OF FAME)

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