Illadelph Multi Hole Slide (HALL OF FAME)

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Retired to Cloud 9 Smoke Co's Hall of Fame

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Illadelph Multi Hole Slide | Hall of Fame*

Since 2002, Illadelph Glass has been a leader in the industry producing the best scientific glass pipes and accessories on the market. The glass Illadelph makes is always a unique line of glass. In its efforts to create the most evenly burning bowl on the market, Illadelph Glass has invented a multi-hole bowl design. These added holes enable heat to be pulled with equal pressure throughout the bowl compared to a standard single-hole design. Single-hole designs only funnel the heat. Hole size is made to spec and designed to eliminate undesirable draw-through effects for maximum efficiency. In this design, the center hole remains slightly larger so the bowl can still be easily blown out.These slides are made with heavy duty hand ground American made joints, for longstanding durability. 

Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is a trusted, authorized dealer of 100% Authentic Illadelph Glass.

Illadelph Multi Hole Slide Features:

  • Colors Available: White/Yellow, White, Rasta, Pink/Red, Black/White, Charcoal/Black, Black/Red, Green, Blue, Amber/Gold
  • Joint: 14/20mm Male 
  • Type: Multi Hole Bowl 
  • Hand Ground American Made Joint
  • Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Illadelph Glass 

* HALL OF FAME - This product is sold out and has retired to Cloud 9 Smoke Co's Hall of Fame.

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Illadelph Multi Hole Slide (HALL OF FAME)

Illadelph Multi Hole Slide (HALL OF FAME)

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