Jones Pods | 1.2mL Juul Compatible (5 Pack) 45mg

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  • Juul compatible jones pods for sale
  • Blue raspberry flavor jones pods 1.2mL
  • Mint flavor salt nic pods 45mg 1.2mL
  • tobacco flavor juul compatible pods 1.2mL 45mg
  • mango flavor juul compatible pods 1.2ml 45mg
  • strawberry juul compatible pods 1.2ml 45mg
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The Jones pods are pre-filled with some of your favorite Juul flavors and The Jones Pods bring a delicious array of flavors to the JUUL & other compatible devices! Enjoy any of the five fantastic flavors, now with a 1.2mL total capacity and 45mg in each pod and The Jones Pods come packs of 5. 

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The Jones Pods (Juul Compatible) 45mg Flavors:

  • Turkish Tobacco
  • Minty Fresh
  • Clear Mango
  • Raspberry Blue
  • Strawberry Pink

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