King Palm Flavored Natural Palm Leaf Rolls

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Sweet, Tropical, Smoke Seshes with the King Palm Natural Flavor Leaf Rolls!

Have you ever wanted to raise your paper game to the next level with the best natural wraps? Give the King Palm Natural Flavor Leaf Rolls a shot! The definitely don't disappoint. These King Palm's are individually handmade from natural Cordia leaves from organic farms in Southeast Asia. These rolls will ensure that even, slow burn is in your smoking forecast! What makes these King Palms so special is their pre-installed squeezable filter tips that are packed full of flavor. All you have to do is pack up, seal up, light up, and snap to activate the potent, natural flavors of the King Palm Natural Flavor Leaf Rolls. No more worrying about whether or not you'll actually taste the flavor! These wraps have got you covered. Choose between 6 scrumptious flavors to get your wrap game on the next level!

King Palm Natural Flavor Leaf Rolls Features

  • Individually hand crafted from organic Cordia leaves
  • Guaranteed slow, even burn with tight packing
  • Pre-installed filter made from corn husk
  • Snappable filters full of flavor
  • choose between 2 sizes: Mini (1g) or Slim (1.5g) of dry herb
  • 2 rolls per pack
  • Available in 6 flavors

King Palm Natural Flavor Leaf Rolls Flavors

Banana Cream - A sweet, indulgent banana cream flavor that's reminiscent of your grandma's famous banana pudding! This flavor is perfect for seshes where you need a final taste of sweetness at night time, in the morning - you name it.

Watermelon Wave - A huge blast of refreshing melon with subtle sweet hints to leave you drooling for more! This flavor is perfect for warm, summer seshes that need a dash of tropical hints to top off a great smoke sesh.

Fruit Passion - Craving something sweet, but not overbearing? This flavor is perfect for you! With its sweet and potent fruit flavors, this flavor combines the perfect blend of fruit without the overbearing sweetness you often find in artifical fruit flavors. 

Berry Terps - A sweet, tarty flavor that will complement the terpenes of your dry herb perfectly! This flavor incorporates subtle blasts of berry flavors to amplify the terpene profiles of your dry herb for the ultimate smoke sesh.

Margarita - This tangy, strawberry margarita flavor is perfect if you're looking to roll up after a long day of work, on the go, or even just to have a leisurely sesh! With the sweetness of strawberries driving this flavor, you'll also notice the tangy, zesty hints of margarita, which we all know and love.

Magic Mint - A cool, refreshing mint with subtle hints of methol. If you want a flavor that will send you right into the focus zone, Magic Mint has got you covered! 

How to Use King Palm Natural Flavor Leaf Rolls

Grind up your dry herb and pack the King Palm Natural Flavor Leaf Rolls using the packing tool provided in the package these wraps come in. When you're ready to spark up, squeeze the all-natural corn husk filter at the tip to activate the flavor to boost up your smoking experience. Always make sure to squeeze until you hear the pop to ensure the flavor is on its way to the dome! 

Why King Palm? 

King Palm takes special care in finding the best Cordia leaves that are locally sourced. That's why every King Palm wrap is individually hand made from Southeast Asia! Since so much care, time, and effort come into making these wraps, King Palm ensures that you will have a thick wrap that produces an even, slow burn. The Cordia leaves used to produce these wraps are pesticide free, chemical-free, fully compostable, and come from a sustainable source! Additionally, there is no glue that comes into the production of these wraps. Each rolled leaf and corn husk filter cones are completely sustainable, chemical-free, and biodegradable. Each package of King Palm wraps is carefully packaged to ensure a maximum freshness of 18 months or longer with its engineered design to maintain optimal humidity inside the wrap.

If you're also new to smoking and wraps, you want to achieve a wrap that's extremely tight for the best smoking experience. By having a King Palm in the mix, you can relish in a pre-rolled wrap that forms the perfect snug fit around your herb for even burning. All you have to do is pack and light - it's that fast! 

Each of these wraps contain 0 artifical flavors, so you can rest assured that natural, non-toxic flavors are powering off your smoke sesh! With the lack of artifical flavors, King Palm wraps will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the terpene profiles of your dry herb without interference of gnarly, overpowered taste of artificial flavors in the process. Instead, you'll have a wrap that's naturally flavored to work in balance with the terpenes of your herb! 

What Others Are Saying About King Palm

King Palm wraps have taken storm across the smoking community! After researching what others have to say about these wraps, there's no doubt you'll want to jump on board to the King Palm journey.

Others have said:

"King Palm is by far my top blunt wrap there is. They burn super slow and stay fresh. Banana Creme is my top flavor. I wouldn't change anything about them!" 

"A great buy! Slow burning, long-lasting."

"Tastes like smoking candy, in the best way!"

"Nice variety of flavors. Burns at a nice, even rate and the smoke is smooth."

"King Palm is my preferred way to smoke because of the smooth slow burn. Love!"

"Greatest flavor, far better than wraps. The burn is nice and slow, so you can enjoy the experience."

Learn how to incorporate the King Palm Natural Flavor Leaf Rolls into your stash box here! 

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King Palm Flavored Natural Palm Leaf Rolls


King Palm Flavored Natural Palm Leaf Rolls


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