Exotic Kit-Kats Banana Caramel Flavor (Japan)

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Bring Your Candy Bar Game to the Exotic Side! Introducing the Exotic Kit-Kats

The Exotic Kit-Kats are a snack that any and all homies will want to indulge in, and with these candy bars, it'll be pretty difficult to share! The Exotic Kit-Kats are sourced from Japan and take on unconventional flavors that will totally excite your tastebuds. Whether you're 100% committed to chocolate, or if you're into fruity flavors, the Exotic Kit-Kats have got you covered with exactly what you'll need to bring your candy bar game to the exotic side. With its light, airy texture and insanely tasty flavor, there's no doubt that everyone will love the Exotic Kit-Kats! You don't want to miss out on this incredible candy bar.

Exotic Kit-Kats Flavors

  • Banana Caramel (sourced from Japan) - Each of these Kit Kats are made with caramel and banana flavoring kneaded into the classic Kit Kat wafers and are wrapped in banana-infused chocolate. These chocolate wafers flaunt unique, memorable flavor that will leave you hungry for more!
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Exotic Kit-Kats Banana Caramel Flavor (Japan)

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