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What is a Lighter?

A lighter is a compact tool used to produce flame for lighting candles, dry herb, and other various items around your home! Lighters operate off of butane and flint to produce a flame. The butane inside a lighter is stored in a pressurized chamber and is released in a narrow stream of gas. When you light a lighter, you’ll notice sparks forming from the top of the lighter. These sparks are made by your lighter striking flint against steel to ignite the gas! 

How Do I Use a Lighter?

Using a lighter is a very easy skill to master! Cloud 9 Smoke Co is going to teach you how to use a lighter, the right way.
  • Hold the lighter in your dominant hand. As you do this, curl your fingers around the body of the lighter to keep it steady. You’ll want to rest the edge of your thumb on the button of the lighter so that it's touching the metal sparkwheel as well. This step is all about finding a grip that’s comfortable to you!
    • The button of the lighter is used to release the butane from the pressurized chamber.
    • It’s best to keep your grip half an inch below the metal portion of the lighter. This part of the lighter can get really hot, and you’re likely to get burned the closer you are to it.
  • Roll the metal sparkwheel down to the ignition button. Always use your thumb! Apply some force to the wheel and push it downward to create a spark. Turn the sparkwheel in one quick motion. If you do this right, you’ll see a flame come from the top of the lighter!
  • Hold the ignition button to keep the flame going. This is essential, especially when lighting your slide to smoke out of your water pipe! As long as you hold this button, you’re releasing a steady stream of gas from the inner chamber of the lighter. This will keep the flame burning evenly.
    • Never keep a lighter lit for more than 30-35 seconds. Let off the ignition button as soon as you’re finished lighting your dry herb, candle, joint, or blunt!

Should I Use a Lighter or Hemp Wick for Dry Herb?

Both lighters and hemp wick will do the job of lighting dry herb! However, it’s all up to your preferences. If you use a lighter to burn your dry herb, you’ll have a quick, even flame coming from your lighter. There’s no additional steps you’ll need to take. One thing you do need to know is that if you are using a lighter for burning and consuming dry herb, you are at risk of inhaling any byproducts that come from butane or flint inside the lighter.
Hemp wick is great if you enjoy a slow, consistent flame during a sesh! Hemp wicks keep all aspects in the same family. You’re burning plant matter with plant matter. Using a hemp wick to light your dry herb is a more ‘health conscious’ way to consume dry herb! This is because hemp wick doesn’t contain any harmful byproducts, such as flint and butane, which are irritable to your lungs. However, hemp wicks produce a smaller flame than lighters, so you’ll have to spend more time lighting a bowl or a joint than you would with a lighter.

The Best Lighters to Buy Online

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we make sure to have the best lighters to buy online that are perfect for your smoking experience. We’ve made a list of our best sellers and personal favorites to help you choose the perfect lighter to bring home! 
Cloud 9 Clipper Lighter ($1.99) - This clipper lighter is a compact, pocket-sized lighter that is 100% refillable, so you can keep this lighter around for the long run! Additionally, this lighter features a removable lighter flint piece that doubles as a tool to help you roll, pack papers, and maneuver ash out of your glass slide.
Special Blue Dual Mini Rubber Torch ($5.99) - This mini torch is a 3.0” tall dual flame torch with a rubberized finish for durability! These torches come pre-filled with butane and have the ability to be refilled as well. What makes this lighter so special is its automatic ignition button, so you won’t have to worry about any additional steps to produce a flame from this mini rubber torch.
Bee Wick 8ft - 420ft ($2.99 - $19.99) - This hemp wick features a combination of beeswax and hemp to create a slow-burning twine that is an organic, natural alternative to lighters. This hemp wick will help to preserve the taste and flavor of your dry herb’s terpenes while keeping you away from butane and other toxic byproducts from traditional lighters.
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