Mav Glass Slitted Puck Recycler

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Achieve maximum filtration in a Dab Rig with the MAV Glass Slitted Puck Recycler. Made by Maverick Glass, this high-end dab rig provides you with maximum filtration and cooling with the recycler style construction. As you inhale, the smoke and water travel together through tubes that connect the chamber continuously recycling the water and smoke through the piece providing you with a cleaner and smoother hit. The recycler is reinforced with a technique called a "dewar's joint", which is a bridge between the two joints, this increase the strength of the joint and helps prevents breaking. Additionally, the MAV Slitted Puck Recycler features a vortex shaped drain to keep the water draining back to the bottom without any splash-back as well as a slit-puck percolator that adds more filtration to your smoke. Available in multiple color options. 

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MAV Glass Slitted Puck Recycler Features:

  • 10 inches tall
  • 14MM female joint
  • Slitted puck perc
  • Hour glass design
  • Vortex drain
  • Bowl is included
  • Recycler
  • Dewar's joint
  • Vibrant colors
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Mav Glass Slitted Puck Recycler


Mav Glass Slitted Puck Recycler

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