MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler

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Zip Right Into Motion with the MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler

If you're looking for a bubbler with a heady feel, without a heady price, you've found the perfect piece! The MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler flaunts heady artistic style with unmatched functionality that will send your smoking experience to new heights. The MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler is handcrafted from borosilicate glass and features intricate wig wag work on the bubbler's bowl, mouthpiece, and horned accent to give it that "heady" feel. Additionally, this hammer bubbler is loaded with two marbled accents on the its body to amp up the heady design. This bubbler features a wide, deep bucket to allow you to pack and load your favorite dry herb til your heart's content! On the side of the bubbler, you'll find a trusty carb hole that will allow your hits to be quick, effective, and quick to the draw. The MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler is loaded with a downstem to allow the bubbler to work with water to filter and diffuse your smoke to give you seamless, effortless hits! The MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler is the bubbler you've been dying to have.

MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler Features

  • Enjoy a bubbler with "heady design" without breaking the bank!
  • Crafted from borosilicate glass
  • Intricate wigwag work with marbled accents
  • Glassblown handle for comfortable gripping and handling
  • Wide, deep bucket for ultimate packing
  • Carb hole for direct hits
  • Water reservior for smoke diffusion and filtration
  • Measurements: Approx. 5.5" length
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MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler


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