MOB Glass Terpstation Dab Rig

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Introducing the MOB Glass Terpstation Dab Rig!

Looking for a quick & easy dab rig to take on the road or maybe even stash in your closet? The MOB Terpstation dab rig is the remedy to all of your glass related qualms. Always crafted from tempered glass, this dab rig is sturdy and durable, while also maintaining a level of style and elegance other functional pieces fail not follow through on. As it is with other pieces, the MOB Terpstation dab rig features a removable dab nail that can be switched with a regular bowl if you decide to smoke dry herb. There is a single uptake arm on the the backside that forces the water a different direction in order to redirect the water from hitting the back of your throat. We call that a splash guard ladies and gentlemen. Finally, this piece features a simple single hole diffuser, which indicates its use as a dab rig. Whether you’re packing it up to the hit the road or leaving this excellently engineered dab rig on your coffee table, the MOB Terpstation Dab rig is a perfect choice. 



MOB Glass Terpstation Dab Rig Features:

  • Uptake arms
  • Splash guard 
  • Interchangeable dab nail
  • Single hole diffuser
  • Fixed downstem 
  • Drain
  • Tempered Glass


About MOB Glass Studios 


MOB Glass is the premier glass brand based out of Atlanta, GA. and creates dab rigs and thick glass water pipes all for affordable prices. Most of the MOB Glass pieces won’t break the bank, but that does not mean their water pipes are cheaply made. Using only the best borosilicate glass, MOB Glass competes with the more expensive brands by incorporating unique designs that include complex perc systems. MOB Glass offers a wide range of styles from glass dab rigs, thick glass beaker water pipes, big and small straight tubes, mini recyclers, handheld and upright bubblers, handheld pipes, dry ash catchers, perc ash catchers, quartz bangers, carb caps, and so much more. Every MOB Glass piece is carefully made with every inch giving you literally more bang for your buck!


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MOB Glass Terpstation Dab Rig


MOB Glass Terpstation Dab Rig


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