MOB Perc Ashcatchers

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Does your waterpipe tend to get dirty to quickly? We have the perfect solution for you! Introducing the new MOB Glass Perc Ashcatchers! These ashcatchers stand at approximately 4.5" tall and are available with two different types of percolators, the matrix perc and the double ufo perc. The added percolators in the ashcatcher will add extra diffusion to your piece providing you with super smooth and cool hits each use. The MOB Glass Ashcatchers are all made with male to female joints and are available in both 45 and 90 degree angles. Get one today at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.!

MOB Glass Perc Ashcatchers Features: 

  • Height: Approx. 4.5" 
  • Color: Clear or Black 
  • Perc: Matrix or Double UFO 
  • Joint: Male to Female 
  • Angle: 45 or 90 
  • MOB Glass 

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