Mothership Torus Rig - Clear

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The Torus internal recycler was designed with one thing in mind; to deliver a smooth, consistent pull. In operation, water flows continuously while constantly replenishing the main reservoir. The vapor’s journey begins with Mothership’s custom 14mm joint before traveling down the front of the piece and into the main percolation chamber containing the “Seed of Life Perc” which comes in three, four, or five Seed iterations dependent on the ultimate size of the piece. Each “Seed” contains 18 holes, making for maximum, positively charged diffusion. Moving on, the water is lifted into the internal section of the piece into the two jets. The water is propelled sideways through the precisely crafted jets into the “Torus” section where the spinning vortex is formed before draining back down the middle to replenish the ever-flowing river of the Torus. This Mothership Torus Rig comes equipped with a quartz swing. Shop now at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. 

Mothership Torus Rig - Clear Features:

  • Color: Clear
  • Joint: 14mm Female Joint
  • Height: Approx. 7"


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