Pioneer Devil Novelty Hand Pipe

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  • pioneer devil novelty hand pipe spoon glass bowl for herbs
  • pioneer devil novelty spoon hand pipe for smoking dry herbs
  • pioneer devil novelty hand pipe glass bowl for smoking dry herbs and flower
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The Devil came down to Georgia and became something good with the Pioneer Devil Novelty Hand Pipe. This dope hand pipe features a devilish design featuring ornamental glass devil horns and a tail. The horns and tail not only look cool, but they also double as extra grip making it comfortable to hold during longer sessions. The black to red blend of colors of the glass makes this piece look sleek and will keep your hand pipe from appearing dirty. Besides the beautiful aesthetics, this pipe features a sizeable bowl allowing you to keep going without repacking often. Unleash your inner devil with the Pioneer Devil Novelty Pipe.

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Pioneer Devil Novelty Hand Pipe Features:

  • Spoon Hand Pipe
  • Pioneer Glass Brand
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Unique Design
  • For Dry Herb
  • Perfect for Travel
  • Approximately 5” Long


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