3 Monkeys Illuminati Sandblasted Double Glycerin Coil

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This amazing 3 Monkeys Designs rig has a body that is almost entirely Illuminati (so it glows something fierce!) with accents of crushed opal. This water pipe has two glycerin coils with UV-reactive liquid to cool your smoke at maximum efficiency. The diffuser of this pipe is a massive, gorgeous sandblasted cone with tons of saw-cut diffusion slits. The pipe has a hand-formed 14mm joint made from crushed opal tubing. There are three massive Illuminati and crushed opal horns along the backside for decoration and general badassery. One hell of a rig, and at an amazing price!

  • Dual glycerin coils with UV-reactive liquid.
  • Illuminati glass color for the brightest possible UV reaction.
  • Sandblasted cone diffuser with saw-cut slits.
  • Accents of crushed opal.
  • Three huge Illuminati and crushed opal horns.
  • 14mm 90° hand-formed crushed opal joint.
  • Ships for FREE in hard case.
  • Includes Cloud 9 Swag Pack.