Andy G Parallax Floating Recycler(CFL/UV)


Parallax Floating Recycler

Andy G.

Andy G never ceases to amaze. This floating recycler in Parallax is incredible. With two uptakes and a floating external drain, function is astounding. The body shifts from a bright purple to a smokey grey from CFL to LED. The three retticello sections are as clean as can be and have green UV lines hidden in them. As decoration, there are two gorgeous marbles, backed with dichro, and a giant retticello disc on the back, with those same UV lines. Amazing from every angle and under every light... 

  • 10mm female joint at 90º angle.
  • Hand-ground worked joint.
  • CFL reactive body. Purple to gray shift.
  • 3 UV reactive retticello sections.
  • Dichro and retticello marble attachments.
  • Huge UV retticello disc on the backside.

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