Andy G Lemondrop Klein Recycler Bubbler


Lemondrop Klein Recycler Bubbler

Andy G.

This Andy G recycler is extra unique and extra amazing! The main body color is Lemondrop, and it shines bright yellow. The he makes this insane Klein Recycler with ! This color is so incredibly yellow, and the numerous worked sections are soooo Fire! This Recycler features one external uptake and a Klein drain. Two worked sections in the body, a worked disc mouthpiece, worked 10mm joint, and a huge worked disc attachment. Straight citrus fire all day long. Plus, that bent neck and bubbler-style disc mouthpiece will be super ergonomic during use.

  • 10mm joint at 90º angle.
  • Hand-ground wig wag joint.
  • OG Lemondrop body.
  • 5 incredible fade-to-clear wig wag sections.
  • Bubbler style mouthpiece.
  • Single uptake recycler.
  • Klein drain.