Andy G. - Rainbow Wag Banger Hanger


Rainbow Wag Banger Hanger

Andy G. 

This banger hanger is completely fire! Decked out from head to toe in bright, colorful linework, it pops from across the room. The can has gorgeous rainbow wig wags, and a wide stable foot. The neck is a sexy fire and ice spiral, which matches the hand-formed 10mm joint. The piece is adorned with a huge disc with a rainbow wig wag, and a large dichro cab on the back.

  • 10mm female joint at 90º angle.
  • Rainbow wig wag can.
  • Fire and ice spiral neck.
  • Fire and ice spiral joint.
  • Rainbow wig wag disc.
  • Dichro cab on the back.
  • Wide, stable hollow foot.

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