Andy G - Worked Ball Rig (Green)


Worked Ball Rig (Green)

Andy G.

Andy G.'s ball rigs function like no other! This beauty has a huge amount of green and black spiral linework to please the eyes, and impeccable function to please your lungs. The upwards puck diffuser breaks smoke up into very choppy bubbles, which swirl and interact with each other around the spiral ball in the center. The downstem passes through this ball and returns through the can and terminates into the diffuser. This piece has a huge flared foot so you know it will be super stable.

  • 10mm female joint at 90º angle.
  • Spiral linework neck.
  • Spiral linework ball.
  • Spiral linework hand-formed joint.
  • Spiral linework upwards puck diffuser.
  • Wide flared goblet-style foot.