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Blueberry Mini Tube

$2,800.00 USD

Blueberry Mini Tube

This Blueberry mini tube is simply sublime. Blueberry is a true master of wagged-out linework. His signature pulls always feature many shades of blue and dark sparkly, mettalic colors. Here in this tube's worked sections, his skill is readily apparent. The freely flowing lines, expertly worked, keep your eyes constantly moving across the canvas of this pipe, and you will find your mind blown again and again by the amazing detail. In addition, the beautifully-worked marble on the backside features this same wonderful color pull.

This pipe has a blue hand-formed 14mm female joint at a 45° angle.

  • Blueberry solo piece.
  • Giant, incredibly detailed linework sections in Blueberry's signature color pull.
  • 14mm female joint at 45° angle.