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Blueberry x Chip G Collab Mini Tube

$2,500.00 USD

This exquisite mini tube is a collaboration between Blueberry and Chip G. With three sections of phenomenal linework and an extremely sexy form, this rig is classy as can be.

Blueberry x Chip G

Collab Vase Rig

Here we have an exquisite collaboration pipe, this Blueberry x Chip G collab mini tube. Blueberry has a very well-defined style in all shades of metallic blue, and his mastery of linework is obvious in the incredible amount of control visible in linework sections. Chip G is an absolute master of construction and shaping hollow glass. Combine both Blueberry's talent at linework and Chip's phenomenal hollow-working skill, and the result is one gorgeous, gorgeous pipe.

This concentrate rig has a very classy, almost Venetian look to it. This tube's form is quite sexy, there's no other way to say it. Blueberry's linework sections are impeccable, as always. The way that those blues contrast with the glossy black of the body is so pleasing. This pipe has a hand-formed 10mm female joint, made from the same amazing Blueberry linework that is present in the rest of the rig. To cap it off, there is a huge, amazing marble attached to the back of the mini tube, balancing the piece visually and physically.

  • Collaboration mini tube between Blueberry and Chip G.
  • Worked hand-forrmed 10mm female joint at 45ª angle.
  • Incredible linework sections by Blueberry.
  • Impeccable construction by Chip G.
  • FREE shipping in hard case.