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Chip G x Bo Howe Head Stack #8 (Purple / Blue)

$2,400.00 USD

Chig G x Bo Howe Head Stack 

Chip G and Bo Howe created this incredible Head Stack rig together, and it's signed as number 8.

This pipe has absolutely gorgeous shaping and proportions. The exterior of the rig is clear, with the interior featuring a huge sculpted downstem (into which Bo Howe immaculately sculpted one of his faces in Purple Rain, Lavender, and Sky Blue) that leads down to a crisp circulator diffuser with saw-cut slits. Bubbles travel up the large and shapely can, and are pulled up and diffused by the three capillaries below the splashguard and bent neck in Purple Rain.

  • Chip G and Bo Howe collab (marked #8).
  • 9" tall.
  • Worked 14mm 90º female joint.
  • Circulator diffuser.
  • Sculpted face.
  • Worked bent neck.